TOVA is a modern brand created for women who enjoy life to the fullest. TOVA's clothes have simple yet elaborate forms, subdued but warm colors, and a timeless yet trendy character. This harmony based on the balance of opposites is inspired by the Scandinavian style in which comfort is combined with lightness, references to nature with modern technology, and hygge with minimalism. TOVA's mission is to democratize quality. The brand allows women to build a wardrobe based on good quality clothes produced in Poland, but available at a reasonable price. TOVA women are ambitious, hard-working, busy, but aware of their needs, also in terms of fashion. That is why each brand design was created in response to the needs of everyday life. The coats are made of non-creasing materials, because our clients move by car, the collection always includes white shirts that you can change into at work when an important meeting unexpectedly falls, and jeans for casual Friday are new. TOVA is not limited to meeting the expectations of trendsetters who hunt for new things on Instagram. Pragmatic clients, whose every purchase is well-thought-out, are equally important to us, so they lean towards the classics. TOVA's clients have in common that they love to indulge in dreams. In everyday life, they catch fleeting moments. They are looking for new emotions, tastes and delights. They absorb the energy of a metropolis, but even in a big city they can slow down and find a moment for themselves


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