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E-Garderobe is fashion startup company born in New York City, top leading center of fashion and innovation. The CEO & Founder of E-Garderobe is Karina Sobis, has over 6 years of experience from top leading companies in New York Fashion industry. In her fashion career, Karina noticed that there is an opportunity in the fashion industry when it comes to occasion wear, women struggle to find the perfect dress in time for their events. For many women the more beautiful the dress the more memorable it is, the goal is to always look stunning without repeating the same dress. E-Garderobe has a perfect solution offering rental service of high-quality and exceptional garments at your door. Cost per use of one-time wear garment is way higher than rental. What is the point of buying a new dress that ends up hanging in your closet?

New York women no longer buy designer dresses to keep up with the latest fashion. They now have convenience of keeping up with trends while saving money and space in their closet at their fingertips. Women from all over the World are becoming more economically savvy by choosing to rent instead of buy. E-Garderobe has collaborated with some of the top producing minds and through hard work, passion and dedication hauled from New York City to Warsaw, Poland. We are now proud to say that E-Garderobe is the biggest rental company in Poland with over 3,000 clients and still growing.

We are the future

With E-Gardobe we make it possible to attend all your events without spending large amount of time and money. We created the perfect virtual wardrobe that allows you to create your look from head to toe while still look stunning. We strongly believe that you do not necessarily have to own clothing to feel and look beautiful. By giving our clients access to a unlimited, high-quality wardrobe we have help changed the outlook of owning and joined the revolutionary idea of renting clothes.

Made for women...
with women in mind

Our mission is to create modern and individual image of women who love fashion and appreciate high quality products and unique designs while taking care of a sustainable environment. E-Garderobe was created for new age women who understand perfectly well that there is no need to spend large amounts of money on new trends. We are the solution to the most popular problem every woman faces - a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear. With E-Garderobe you can wear a different outfit every day without wasting time and money.

Our team

Karina - CEO & Founder

Magdalena - Logistics and operations ;)

Kasia - Marketing and social media

Fashion without limits

At E-Garderobe, we work with some of the best designers from all over the world such as: Anna Sui, Herve Leger, PNK Casual, Keepsake, By Malina and Elle Zeitonue.

We focus on quality and unique design. All the garments in our collection are made from high-quality fabrics and with attention to every detail. We are constantly expanding the offer by inviting new designers to collaborate while providing variety and convenience without sacrificing style.