The brand was founded by sisters Nicky and Simone ZIMMERMANN in Sydney in 1991. Their love of fashion gave rise to a true empire of the best style, loved by celebrities and influencers around the world. At the beginning of its journey, the brand took a bold step by combining elegant fashion with very feminine swimwear. The experiment was successful and thanks to this move ZIMMERMANN gained international fame. Designers love feminine details - lace, sheer frills, and their collections are filled with optimism and joy. The vast majority of the ZIMMERMANN collection are monochrome dresses, but floral designs and holiday prints are also a strong representative. ZIMMERMANN regularly presents its READY TO WEAR collections at New York Fashion Week and Australian Fashion Week, and runs its exclusive boutiques in Sydney, London, New York and Los Angeles. ZIMMERMANN creations can be viewed in various VOGUE editions all over the world.


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