Decolove Atelier was created out of great love for hand-made decorations and intricate details. For several years, our studio has been creating unique, tailored to the individual needs and tastes of accessories for ladies and gentlemen. Among the Decolove designs, you can find calm collections for fall and winter, and a little more spectacular and witty evening decorations. However, the creation of unforgettable, retro-styled wedding decorations is especially close to our hearts. All accessories are made by hand using high-quality materials, with great attention to detail and a big heart. A unique place in the studio is devoted to over a century-old technique of producing silk flowers, which are hand cut, pressed and sewn using traditional tools. Decolove is also often invited by designers to collaborate on collections. For several seasons, the brand created romantic accessories for the Bizuu duo and is the author of a collection of suede flies for Łukasz Jemioł and a whole range of avant-garde men's accessories for two collections - 'The Romanov' and 'Nothing but trouble' by Rodrigo de la Garza. Atelier also created accessories and details for brands such as Blessus, Dawid Woliński and Gosia Baczyńska.


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