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My Image Art - a Polish fashion brand that wants to invite to its world women who love beauty, who value individualism, as well as those who are still looking for their own way in the world of fashion. We create high-quality creations, perfectly tailored to women's expectations. The designed dresses are characterized by eclecticism, splendor, luxury and interesting textures. We work with high-quality fabrics: silk, jacquard, silk taffeta, but also with highly valued natural materials such as Viscose, Martini, Orlando or cotton. We also sometimes use high-quality polyester, which keeps its shape beautifully, for example in pleated constructions. The form and style of our projects are influenced by the influences derived from the world's fashion catwalks, both contemporary and the trends of the past decades. Art, the richness of forms, colors, long journeys and glamorous women are the greatest inspiration for our collections. The brand focuses on short, limited collections. We also carry out orders to measure, i.e. unique, exceptional and tailored to the preferences of our clients. In this way, we help to give character to the styling and adjust the selected model to the figure so as to bring out all the strengths and unique beauty of a woman. “Each of us is different and we respect this individuality and we want to emphasize it” My Image Art

Mia My image art Mia My image art

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