Maison Talulah

Kelli Wharton founded the TALULAH brand in 2005 in Australia. LA MAISON TALULAH is genuine, effortless elegance. The TALULAH woman is dynamic, bold, sexy and full of energy. Her wardrobe is a reflection of her soul and personality. In 2012, the company achieved global status and recognition around the world. The brand has been appearing regularly for years with other prominent Australian designers at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. LA MAISON TALULAH collections are worn by the most popular people in Australia, incl. Jennifer Hawkins, TashOakley, Jodi Gordon, Clementine Mc Veigh, and Kate Waterhouse. Each brand design provides women who wear it with confidence, courage and the opportunity to be 100% themselves. The collection's characteristic features are unique fabrics and bold colors.

Maison Talulah Maison Talulah