Born in 1956, Helmut Lang is a fashion designer and artist from Austria, who works in Long Island. Originally Lang was a business studies student but he steered his focus towards fashion and taught himself the art of apparel designing. Within a matter of few years, Lang opened a tailor shop. His clothing designs were fairly popular in his native land. In 1984, after closing his business, he introduced his first catwalk collection two years later at Paris’s Centre Georges Popidou. Following this, Lang moved to the hub of design and trend in New York. During the 80s and 90s, the kind of fashion that reached the pinnacle of success was the ‘minimalist’ approach. Lang has the quality and capability of blending expensive and cheap fabrics and blurring the boundary between traditional women’s and men’s wear. Helmut Lang, the designer himself has worked not just within the field of fashion but has also been involved in architectural and fragrance designing and production projects. He has won numerous awards for his work in art and fashion.

“Lang takes art and design, mixes the two in an harmonizing way in order to mouldsomething extraordinary and often afar from the human body limitations.”

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